Four Legal Design Thinking Mindsets Lawyers Need To Know. Part Two.

Wait. There’s nothing wrong with my mindset

Besides, I’m too busy to think about legal design

Here’s one challenge lawyers’ face

Why does a legal design mindset have anything to do with Gen Z?

Change is here. Ignore it at your peril

Legal design mindset number two: creativity

From busy perfectionist to a creative experimenter

  • Full calendars are great
  • We run from meeting to meeting
  • We think analytically and systematically in our problem solving
  • We provide routine expertise, quick and accurate solutions to familiar problems
  • We follow rules, formulas, processes for predictable outcomes
  • And we do it over and over

Want the bad news?

Who can be creative?

Creativity is not about art

  • design (not only function)
  • story (not only argument)
  • symphony (not only focus)
  • empathy (not only logic)
  • play (not only seriousness)
  • meaning (not only accumulation)

Ready to grapple with the alternatives?

Routine expert vs creative problem solver

Be the knower vs be the learner

Perfectionism vs experimental prototyping

Cynicism vs optimism

The mindset shift

How to grow your creative mindset

Get started



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Hannele Korhonen

Hannele Korhonen

Founder & CEO Lawyers Design School. Passion for access to justice.